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My book "Experimental Printing: Techniques and Ideas for Milk Carton Printing - 15 Projects with and without a Printing Press" is a guide to Tetra Pak® printmaking, an exploration of this rather unconventional but expressive technique that uses recycled milk or juice cartons as a printing plate and simple tools to create marks on the plate.

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Within these pages you will discover the non-toxic materials and tools used in this technique, as well as practical step-by-step instructions for various methods of printing in one or more colours.
The book guides you through the whole process from sketch to final print, editioning and modifying your prints, and solving any problems you may have along the way.

I'm also delighted to feature the work of four amazing artists who use Tetra Pak in their printmaking practice: Isabelle Biquet, Marian Haf, Juliana Neild and Lisa Stubbs.

In the final part of the book, you will find a selection of 15 projects that you can print with or without a press, such as a repurposed pasta machine or a wooden spoon.

Whatever your level of printmaking experience and the equipment you have available, this book is a great way to discover the tactile qualities of ink and paper, and experience the magic moment when you lift your print off the press.

Published by Haupt Verlag.
Editors: Heidi Müller, Jutta Orth.

1st edition: 2024
ISBN 978-3-258-60271-4
17 x 24 cm
144 pages

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