Multidisciplinary design studio in Innsbruck (Austria) working on projects that range from UI & UX design to visual design and analog media.

UI & UX Design

Digital products, services, and experiences that make a difference.

Whether you are developing a new product or service or improving an existing one, I can help you at different stages of your project through research, prototyping, interface design and testing.

As a UX Designer, I do not work in a vacuum, but rather thrive in projects where multidisciplinary teams, customers and stakeholders are involved.

Besides providing my expertise as a UX Designer, I aim to empower teams to adopt a human-centered design approach in their organizations, equipping them with tools and methods to incorporate design thinking into their standard way of working.

Visual design

Sometimes clean and simple, sometimes classy, other times tongue-in-cheek, I enjoy working in different styles and formats, always aligned with your needs first and foremost.

I have experience conceptualizing brands from scratch, but also creating print and online pieces for existing businesses, matching their existing visual language.

Outreach work

Design is not only my job, but it influences how I understand the world and relate to other people.

I believe in collaborating and sharing with others over competing and keeping knowledge to myself, and strive to make the design community a diverse, welcoming space.

In-house workshops, local community events and public speaking are my contributions to spread design beyond the studio.

Ink & Paper

Most of my work happens in form of pixels and requires precision and rigour, so finding a way to stay away from the dangers of perfectionism is not only helpful, but sometimes necessary.

Traditional and experimental printmaking, illustration, paper crafts, ceramics… anything that has to do with working with my hands brings joy and balance to my days.

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