Journal — 17.01.2023

Follow my creative journey in 2023

This year could be a turning point for the studio, as I plan to shift my focus to personal projects.

Seventeen days into the new year is perhaps a bit late to reflect on the past and upcoming months, but still early enough to share my intentions with you, I suppose.

Last year was tough. I worked a lot, I'd say too much. And while I like my main job as a UI/UX designer, and it feels like having enough work is a privilege, I ended the year feeling drained and not really fulfilled. I spent my days rushing to complete the items on my to-do list, juggling the different types of work that I like to do, and too often putting other people's needs before my own.

And it's so sad to end the year feeling this frustration, because some really good things happened in 2022! I'll share more about it in a bit, together with my hopes for this year.

So without further lamentation, let's look forward to what 2023 will bring.

More ink, less stress

One of my goals for this year is to work fewer hours on the type of client work I've been doing lately (mostly designing digital products), and doing more of the work that brings me the most joy and fulfillment, the type of work where my voice comes through and where I have no restrictions other than those imposed by myself.

This means that I want to spend a significant part of my days working with my hands — making prints, drawing, trying out some new techniques and materials, sharing my love of learning with others.

Sounds a bit like daydreaming, doesn't it? If you're self-employed you might struggle with this too — how to find the balance between doing truly fulfilling work and paying the bills? Well, let's hope I'll find out soon ;)

Experimental printmaking book

One of the most exciting things that happened last year is that I signed a contract with a lovely publisher to write a book about experimental printmaking using Tetra Pak.

I love the technique and also enjoy teaching it to others in my workshops, so it felt very natural to pitch the book idea and move this project forward.

If everything goes according to plan, the book will be published in 2024.

Sharing my creative journey

As you were reading above, I see this year as a turning point for the studio, in which I start to work more on my creative projects and start to depend less on client work to subsist.

Things can get really interesting (or really hard!), and in the spirit of openness I have decided to share my progress with anyone who wants to follow along.

So be my accountability buddy and follow my creative journey — leave your email in the form below to receive a monthly letter in which I will share any milestones and reflections on how things are moving along.

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What about you, what are your hopes and plans for 2023?

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