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  1. Book presentation & demo

    On the 15th of March 2024, the Day of Printing, I will be presenting my book "Experimentelles Drucken: Techniken und Ideen für den Milchkartondruck".

  2. Tetra Pak printmaking without a printing press — alternative methods and tools

    Tetra Pak printing is a versatile and accessible printmaking technique that enables artists to create unique prints using recycled Tetra Pak cartons, producing unique and interesting lines and textures.

  3. Printmaking book recommendations for artists and enthusiasts

    Practice and experimentation are key to printmaking, but books are a great way of finding inspiration and expanding your printmaking skills.

  4. Tetra Pak Printmaking workshop at Maker Faire Vienna

    I hosted a Tetra Pak printmaking workshop at the Maker Faire Vienna event on 4.6.2023.

  5. I'm writing a book about Tetra Pak printmaking

    Tetra Pak printmaking is fun, sustainable and low cost, and I can’t wait to share more about this versatile printing technique in my upcoming book!

  6. Druckwerkstatt

    From January to March 2023 I will be hosting the "Druckwerkstatt" at the Erwachsenenschule Völs.

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