Creative workshops


Every month I offer different kinds of creative workshops, usually centered around the topic of traditional printmaking, such as screenprinting, stamping, lino printing, etching, and more. My goal is to make these printing techniques accessible to everyone, finding ways to simplify processes and using recycled materials.

These workshops are offered at the atelier of Papelier, a space that my colleague Lucía Joglar and I share and is home to all our creative endeavours.

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Photograph of foam stamps
Workshop: stamping with EVA foam.
Photograph of rubber stamps and tools to make them.
Workshop: rubber stamps..
Photograph of screenprinting supplies.
Workshop: Screenprinting for everyone.
Photograph of images transferred to wood.
Workshop: image transfer.
Photograph of a table where multiple people are screen printing
Photograph of a dirty apron, stained with ink.
Screenprint of a cat by Birgit.
Screenprint of flowers by Dagmar
Examples of the work of two workshop participants.